So we’ve created a couple of offerings to support you on this journey with your child.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but where do we find this so-called village?  We offer both individual parent coaching sessions with Kate and small member (4-6 individuals) parenting groups with Jaclyn to provide you with the village that best fits your needs.

what is a parent coach exactly? 

A parent coach is a trained and knowledgeable professional whose primary role is to support and guide parents and caregivers as they deal with the challenges of raising healthy, happy, and successful children. A parent coach builds a relationship with the parents in order to provide a source of encouragement, compassion, and positivity. They will help you identify your strengths as a parent, and build upon those strengths. A parent coach will offer practical, research-based recommendations that take into account your time, schedule, resources, cultural and spiritual beliefs, and family structure.

Our parenting groups will be your new support network and sounding board, providing you with the relief that you are not alone in this journey of parenting.  You will discover that you are not alone in your parenting experiences and meet other parents who are struggling with similar concerns. Jaclyn will help you feel supported by sharing the latest research in the parenting world and develop strategies that can be easily implemented for positive change in your family.

Curious to learn more? Here are more of the specifics. 



  • An initial 60-minute phone call to assess needs

  • Follow-up calls for 60 or 90 minutes after that where a plan with techniques and ideas are shared to incorporate into a daily routine

  • Price: 60 minutes ($75/session) or 90 minutes ($125/session)


Contact Kate at or 512-470-0966.

**DISCLAIMER: Parent Coaching with Kate is not a psychological service. When engaged in parenting coaching, the approaches are educational. Kate will not make a diagnosis, and therefore does not bill insurance for this service. The goal in coaching might be to help improve the child’s behavior or to improve the parents’ relationship with the child. If Kate perceives someone in the family could benefit from therapy, she will make a referral to a colleague.


  • We have a variety of times of day for these meetings, as well as topics covered

  • Parents will be grouped by need (extensive list in the survey below)

  • Required 3-month commitment to begin

  • Regardless of topic, each Parenting Group Meeting is 75 minutes.

  • Price: $55/session


Complete this Google Survey so we can curate a village that fits your needs.