Cool Down Kits

A whole-brain approach to generate resilient responses to stressors and situational demands.

What is it?

  • A collection of items that help you calm down & self soothe during times of adversity

  • Gathering these items in one place helps you utilize coping skills rather than negative behaviors

What are the benefits of a cool down kit?

  • Fuels self-soothing behavior

  • Enables impulse control

  • Fosters self-awareness

  • Sustains attention and concentration

  • Advances the safe experience and expression of feelings

  • Inspires the identification and differentiation of internal signals

  • Facilitates knowledge of strengths and inner resources

  • Promotes the resolution of internal struggles

  • Stimulates awareness of problem-solving processes

  • Bolsters awareness of movement

  • Regulates energy and arousal levels

  • Communicates implicit information to others

  • Reinforces alertness to information processed through somatic means

When do I utilize it?

  • When a child looks like they may be getting stressed

  • Subsequent to an incident after the initial response has abated