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Family changes, behavioral issues, academic struggles and difficulty with siblings/peers are just a few of the many reasons that parents look for counseling for their children.  We specialize in the therapeutic treatment of children, providing collaborative and responsive treatment to children, teens and their families.  

Located in the heart of central Austin, we emphasize the importance of relationships as the vehicle for change by creating a nonjudgmental and accepting environment.


While every child is unique, and we will discuss specifics for your child and their treatment plan based on their individual circumstances, here are more specifics in regards to how we work with each of our clients.

  • Length of Counseling Services: This varies per child, but research says it takes an average of 20 sessions of play therapy to begin to re-wire the brain through experiential learning. While the exact number certainly depends on severity of concerns and whether it’s an ongoing stressor (such as divorce) or situational (school-based), clients always start with weekly appointments. As they start to meet their goals, we reduce the cadence to every other week, and then once a month to continue to touch base.

  • Length of Each Session: Initial consultations are 60-75 minutes. From there, individual sessions are 45 minutes each.

  • What Happens in Each Session: This varies greatly by child, but we work on individualized goals through play, activity, talk and expressive therapeutic techniques. To get a better idea of what different types of play therapy we might do in a session, check out our Treatment Options page.

  • The Role Parents Play: We are trained to speak a child’s language, so it’s our job to translate what’s arising in our sessions with you. From there, we ask that you stay in communication with your therapist on any pending needs as they arise in between sessions. It’s imperative that you are also committed to working on any homework that is given to you during parent consultations. Ask questions and request resources for situational needs! We want to make sure you feel supported and prepared to do this work with your child. YOU are an integral part of the healing process.

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All therapists at Ensemble Therapy are private pay, which means we do not take insurance.

No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

– James Comer